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Treatments and Services:
Each patient receives an initial comprehensive examination. Examination findings will provide an accurate assessment for the condition and provide protocols for appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. Therapeutic rehabilitative procedures are non-invasive, non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical.  

Dependent on the pathology, treatment methods may include utilizing auditory stimulation, visual stimulation, eye exercises, cognitive exercises, balance exercises, strength exercises or a combination of any of these precise for each patient’s needs.  Rehabilitative methods may include exercise rehabilitation and physiotherapy modalities such as ultra sound, interferential therapy, specialized massage for specific results, deep vibration, or a combination as indicated.  Specialized manipulative procedures will be appropriate for the desired therapeutic joint rehabilitation and reflexes for specific motor feedback per patient case and condition.  The doctors are highly skilled in appropriate manipulative techniques for both children and adults.  Manipulative procedures will be administered appropriate for the patient and based on progress evaluations at each office visit.  Quality time and patient specific therapeutics are focused on each patient from the initial consult and in depth examination at follow up rehabilitative office visits.
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Specific to children, we provide therapeutic protocols for posture correction, posture development, motor skills,  scoliosis screening and routine wellness examinations for spinal and system health.

In general, we have a high success rate of resolving common symptoms of sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndromes, balance issues, or peripheral palsies, headaches.
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Our clinic provides various treatment and rehabilitation methods for addressing spinal segmental dysfunction which may affect the system:

  • Spinal and Extremities Manipulation Procedures
            -Manual non-surgical decompression/correction of joints to restore function of the joints. 

  • Nutritional and diet support
​              -We evaluate a metabolic profile and order any lab tests indicated. Based on lab results, we will explain                 nutritional needs or diet protocols needed, or refer to a medical specialist if organic pathology is found.

        Balance/Gait rehabilitation
            Gait and stance stability is evaluated to assess patient's balance, center of gravity and postural             control. 

  • Auditory, visual, eye movement and cognitive exercises as indicated based on examination findings that effect spinal and extremity stability and function for long term benefits. 

  • Kinesio Taping
            -A rehabilitative taping technique to enhance body's healing process while providing support and stability to             muscles and joints.  

  • Active Release Technique
            -A soft-tissue therapy to restore states of muscles/tendons/muscle spindles to normal functional level. We             utilize the concept of ART to improve local functions and to relieve pain/stiffness quickly.

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment and corrective exercises 
            -A functional movement tests to design to assess fundamental patterns of movements. This helps the doctor              to identify impairments that may be seemingly unrelated to the chief complaint, but contribute to the              associated spinal dysfunction.
An example of gaze stabilization exercises. 
Rebuilder- electrical peripheral nerves stimulation. 
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