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Houston Chiropractic Rehabilitation is a unique diagnostic and rehabilitation clinic specializing in evaluation and rehabilitation of difficult neurological disorders.   Patients come for evaluation of physical and neurological disorders from all regions in Texas, from across the United States, from Canada, Europe, Australia.   

Dr. Gail Henry has dedicated years of post-doctorate education and training, specializing in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of a variety of conditions including chronic pain syndromes, migraine headaches, movement disorders, Parkinson's disease, dystonia, post-stroke and post head injury rehabilitation, central nervous system disease/degeneration, childhood development disorders, birth injuries, vertigo, dysequilibrium, spinal cord syndromes, as well as radiculopathy, neuropathy, and nerve entrapment syndromes.  Dr. Henry is a board certified specialist in neurology in the chiropractic profession and her passion is in utilizing her training and experience to help patients whose conditions have become chronic or disabling.  Dr. Henry utilizes Functional Neurology and Neurochemistry in evaluation of each patient.  Functional Neurologists are trained to evaluate the intricate function of the nervous system specific to each individual and in clinical applications for rehabilitation based on the individuality of the patient’s nervous system disorder.  The human nervous system governs and modulates body function and is the common denominator in nearly all health related problems and physical impairments.  The central nervous system must develop and function at an optimal level for human beings to enjoy quality of life, long standing health and physical function, and longevity.
ヒューストンで唯一日本語でカイロプラクティックを受けられます。肩こり・腰痛・頭痛だけではなく、スポーツ障害・神経疾患・ホルモンバランス・生理痛やストレスにより様々な症状を含め、お身体に不調・痛みを抱えている方など、アメリカだから受けられる神経カイロをひとつの選択肢にお考え下さい。お電話の際に、"Japanese, please"もしくは"May I speak to  Dr.Ikeda?"と言って頂ければ、日本語でご相談に乗ります。日本語での詳細な情報はこちらから(neurogymfix.com)

Our clinic is dedicated to helping children with ADHD improve their focus and attention leading to a more successful academic and personal life.  
Please read this Dr. Henry's article to know the unique balancing brain approach.
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